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Undefeated Team Terremoto Advances to State Cup Semifinals, With Large Number of Left-Footed Goals

By West Coast, 11/11/22, 8:00PM PST


West Coast 2014 Terremoto advanced to the semi-finals of the NorCal State Cup coming up this weekend with an undefeated weekend in tough State Cup second round play, winning in its quarterfinal match in Ripon by a 2-1 score.  

GAME 1:  The first game had three great left-footed goals in a row by right-footed players, with Joaquin Retuyan scoring twice in the first 11 minutes of the game.  After a nice tackle and pass by Luke Achziger, Retuyan was able to fake out his defender, and move to the outside to fire a nice shot to the far side of the goal.  Minutes later, yet again from a nice outside pass from defender Luke Achziger, this time Retuyan did not bother to fake his man, he just fired another left-footed shot to the same side of the goal for a Terremoto 2-0 lead.

After some good pressure from Julian Marron, defender Gavin Su jumped at the chance to deliver a nice high-arcing left-footed shot over the keeper’s head for goal number three.  “We have been stressing all year the need for players to use both feet, and those three early goals really were particularly satisfying,” said the coach.

The next goals came from penalty kicks as Achziger and Ojan Wahidi calmly stepped up and delivered, for a 5-goal advantage.

GAME 2:  The next game against El Dorado was hard fought again, with the first score coming eleven minutes in as defender Grayson Ryan crossed the ball nicely and Julian Marron flicked the ball over to midfielder Tony Mendoza, who scored another good goal and had a particularly good game to help the defense keep the tough El Dorado team at bay.   Julian Marron scored yet another goal, six minutes into the second half as Terremoto took a 2-0 lead.  But a great shot went over agile goalkeeper Brayden Aycock’s head to tie the game about two minutes later, making the game very very close.

With one of the better goals of the Cup, in the last 4 tense minutes, with some tricky dribbling forward Andros Azer beat three defenders, raced quickly towards the goal, and fired a shot in the left corner that sealed the important victory for the team for a 3-1 win!  

GAME 3:  The next day Terremoto faced a well-skilled DeAnza team that was anxious to advance in its group.  In the first 4 minutes a great throw-in by Ryan to Tony Mendoza saw Mendoza one-touch a volley outside nicely to streaking forward Nick Brown, whose quick thinking and advance up the side in front put Terremoto head, 1-0 as he fired in the shot into the right corner of the goal.

Five minutes later, once again tricky dribbler Andros Azer beat two men, and passed a nice shot over to Mendoza, who quickly turned and fired into the corner of the goal for a 2-0 Terremoto lead.  Although DeAnza scored 2 minutes into the second half, and then again with 8 minutes left, with this 2-2 tie Terremoto was able to advance into its quarterfinal match against Diablo, who as luck would have it would be playing Terremoto for the third time in one season.  

Liam Souza in midfield also helped keep the DeAnza team away from the middle well to assist the defense, narrowly missing a couple of scores himself, after playing in goal a lot the first day.


GAME 4:  The final was “Barnburning, and epic,” said a pleased Terremoto coach, as Team Terremoto took care of business in this quarterfinal, in a very physical game and tough game to referee that resulted in a number of stoppages for injury.  

The first goal featured a corner from Julain Marron that came across all the way over to a waiting Grayson Ryan, who blasted it into the net for a 1-0 lead.  Then 20 minutes in, midfielder Joaquin Retuyan again went running down the sideline and delivered a beautiful cross to a streaking Ojan Wahidi, who fired the ball -again with a left-footed shot- to give Terremoto the eventual game-winner as they ended up winning this game, 2-1, and putting them into the semi-final match Saturday against a Mustang team that also advanced.  

The defense once again held strong, with Ryan, Su, Achziger and Layog holding the opposing teams to scoring minimums.  In addition, several great saves were made by goalkeeper Mason Fehlmann during the game, including a great game-saving save in the closing minute from a hard free kick.  “That one hurt my chest,” confided Fehlmann, as the team celebrated its very left-footed, undefeated weekend, and exciting upcoming games.